A new step toward the replacement of beta-cells in patients with type 1 diabetes

Professor Douglas Melton (Vertex Pharmaceutilacs) is leading pioneering research, into the use of pluripotent cell derived pancreatic cells for treatment of Type 1 diabetes. Recent news from the first human treated with the cells give a lot of hope for this new treatment!

The 29th of June 2021, Type 1 diabetes patient, 64 year old Brian Shelton received insulin-producing pancreas cells produced by Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Now his body automatically produces insulin and blood sugar levels are controlled. The study is ongoing for five years, involving people with severe cases of Type 1 diabetes.

Nearly 15 years of work at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI)were needed to turn pluripotent stem cells into pancreatic beta cells.

More news about this new treatment is available at https://vertexvoices.vrtx.com/science/vertex-forward-diving-type-1-diabetes .


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