BVK/SBP congres : transition in pediatrics 17-18 March-Brussels

Dear colleagues, dear Friends
We are honored to host the 50th Congress of the BVK-SBP that will be held in Brussels, March 17-18 2022.
The SARS-CoV2 pandemic is not an old memory yet but we are very confident that the huge efforts made by the world community will allow us to welcome you in our capital city.
The topic of the meeting will be « Transition in Pediatrics-Pediatrics in Transition ». This underlines the unique journey of a sick child requiring treatment and care in constant improvement.
The attractive scientific program will provide material for debate and controversies and provide a stage for young clinicians and scientists.
We look forward to shaking your hands in Brussels next March 2022

visit link BVK SBP congres 2022

Marie-Françoise Dresse
Anne-Simone Parent
Vincent Rigo
Marie-Christine Seghaye, President

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